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Singapore 629465
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Welcome to Premier Hytemp

Premier Hytemp Pte Ltd is the Asian arm of Premier Hytemp, a world-leading engineered solution provider, stockist and supplier of low alloy, stainless steel and nickel alloy forged bar, open die forged and closed die forged products for the Oil and Gas industry, heavy industry, ship building, aerospace, nuclear and water processing industries.

With 3 decades of experience, Premier Hytemp Pte Ltd is known for its engineered solutions to materials supply requirements, its innovative processing of materials and its ability to execute a timely supply of those materials.

Premier Hytemp is a recognized and approved global supplier to the major manufacturers in the oil and gas wellhead, down hole tools and well construction industries as well as the support industry and has a long established reputation as a quality and timely supplier of products. Whether its supplying saw cut bar or a finished machined part or tested assembly, Premier Hytemp is your dependable supply chain partner.

As a Lloyds approved ISO9001 quality system solution provider, you can count on fully documented, fully traceable, quality supply of products and services to meet your requirements. From raw material to bar to forged products to finish machined products to complete assemblies and services, Premier Hytemp Pte Ltd can deliver an all encompassing package.

For more information about Premier Hytemp and our products and services, please contact us via the Contact Us page or call us at +65 6897-7628.

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